Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday! Do You Remember Sci-Fi Movies That Predicted The Future?

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Do You Remember Sci-Fi Movies that Predicted the Future? We're heading Back to the Future for this one. 

We want to know  - What is your favorite "Sci-fi" movie or tv show? (past or present - you can say why if you want to) and What is your favorite gadget of today or the one you wish you had? (Can be anything.)

We love Sci Fi because it gives us a bit of escapism from the real world - or at at least, it used to....

A little Sci-Fi with the gadgets of today. Prizes include (in no particular order): 
Nintendo WIIU
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7" OR Fire HD 6 Kids Edition
KitchenAid 5 quart Artisan Stand Mixer - Includes flat beater, dough hook, wire whip, variety of colors to select, 10 speeds and stainless steel bowl
Kitchen Aid Diamond Blender 60-Ounce, 5 speeds, ice crush and pulse modes and variety of colors 
Best Buy $150 gift card to help you purchase your own "gadget"
Houzz $200 in the form of a Visa Gift Card - visit their site, find inspiration for your "futuristic" home design, and shop for products
IRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
Amazon Echo - Meet Alexa "The Echo may be the closest thing we’ll have to a Star Trek computer at home." CNET
Apple iPAD Mini 3 OR Apple iPAD Air - 16 GB, Wifi, includes Siri and comes in Space Gray.

Winners will be chosen on Saturday, July 25th after 12 noon EST.
Post here and/or email us at

Good luck and just have fun!

Winners announced! 

First Place (Leslie Andersen) I used to love Chiller Theatre. I think it went on around midnight on Saturdays. The hand reaching up really scared you. I think the best movie was "The Blob". I am not sure if the scene was in The Blob but a woman turned into a giant and was calling for her husband...."Harry...Harry"...those were the days of "safe scary movies". My favorite gadget of today is my new iPhone. I am able to be "in touch" with family and friends and brings the world closer to me. I just got it a couple of months ago and I don't know why I waited so long. My old Samsung phone suited my needs and I didn't want to spend money unnecessarily but an unfortunate accident changed that and I had to get a new phone of which I am thrilled about. I don't know what I did without it. 

Second Place (Quinn Burton) Favorite scifi movie is Flash Gordon and I loved the part where he sticks his hand in the stump and fakes getting bit and favorite gadget is a TV because it keeps me in touch with everything that is going on around the world from sitting in the comfort of my house on the couch and one day you can be at an NFL football game and the next part of a reality TV show and then learn how to build a deck all in one week or one day or one hour!

Third Place (Michele Colavolpe Antisdel) Mine would be an Indy film that came out this year called "Parallels". A group of people would go into this weird building and each time they came out they'd be in a different dimension. I want that building so I could visit other dimensions but I would also need a light saber to beat off all the nasties.

Fourth Place (Kelly Burton) ET is my favorite movie. I loved it as a kid and as an adult and both my kids love to watch it too, so that is always a good movie in my book. And my favorite gadget is my iphone. Who would have thought that we could carry a camera, phone, internet and games in our pocket. It has completely changed the way we live (maybe not for the better) but it is something that I cannot live without!!!

Fifth Place (Linda Peters Rink) I loved "The Twilight Zone"--can we call that science fiction? I still watch reruns via the Twilight Zone Marathons. And what would I give for a machine that would make me the most delicious meals --without calories!!!

Sixth Place (Lisa Brophy) Lost in Space!! Danger Will Robinson. Danger!! Loved watching the robot freak out with the arms. We thought that was so amazing. They must laugh now with all the movie and tv technology. Looked like a garbage can with dryer vent silver parts for arms. Haha.

My favorite technology is my phone. A blessing and a curse, but I would be "lost in space" without it!!

Seventh Place (Ann Post Pastore) Cocoon is my favorite sci fi movie. The aliens are like normal people and you want them around. Plus I love that they take the old folks with them for a forever life of happiness! I would definitely want the replicator from Star Trek! Anything you want on demand. Need a Pyrex dish, make it! Need milk, make it! It would be awesome!

Eighth Place (Allison Nerone) My son and I are big fans of the Back to the Future trilogy and of course who wouldn't want a time machine!!!

Ninth Place (Heidi Nelson) Being a time traveling fanatic, I'm in love with Back To The Future! I'm sure I've seen it over 20 times! I love it's foreshadowing and my favorite gadget would have to be the ability to drive a DeLorean into the past, or future, that would be fabulous… (But with the "Mr. fusion" version)