Saturday, March 21, 2015

Meet Author Kat Lehmann - Moon Full of Moons (Poetry of Transformation)

Kat Lehmann is a writer, a poet, and a Ph.D. research scientist. Her work has been published in both poetry and science journals. Kat's poetry book Moon Full of Moons (Peaceful Daily, 2015) and her meditative writings are inspired by a deep contemplation of nature, the process of personal transformation, and a celebration of the silent beauty that is everywhere. 

In Moon Full of Moons, Kat Lehmann skillfully paints a journey from happiness lost to happiness found. This beautifully organized collection of poems is sequenced with the Moon's phases, which provide a touchstone for personal transformation. Musical, honest, and accessible, these poems create an inspirational and powerful body of work. The delicate, rich imagery transports the reader from enchanting and whimsical songs of childhood innocence through a struggle in the darkness to the powerful decision to shift the balance toward a new happiness. In these pages, she carries the reader through the wonder of beauty and language, an imaginative sailing on the Crescent Moon, and the subtle internal changes that lead to overcoming obstacles and emotional survival.

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Two autographed copies of Moon Full of Moons will be sent to winners via random drawing on April 4th. One to a U.S. resident, and one to a non-U.S. resident. To enter, post here or follow Kat on Twitter, Facebook or her blog and let Kat know you want to be entered in the drawing, or email me at

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sofia Strong - 2 year old battles Cancer - Her Story

Sofia Isabella is a fierce and spunky 2 year old. Her personality and her eyes are what make her unique and special. She is an angel of God and loved by all, including her 5 year old brother, Aiden ("Bubba" to her).

On Monday, January 26th, 2015 she was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer. Her family has already gone through heartbreak and they are determined to fight this battle to the bitter end.

 The Anderson Family is beyond grateful for all the love and support they have received during this difficult time. Thank you to everyone that has contributed and donated towards Sofia's battle with cancer.

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