Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween in New England - Scarecrows

Halloween in New England. It means scarecrows, cemeteries, autumn colors, trees, pumpkins...I love the Fall season the best. The air is crisp and clean, there's a chill early mornings and late evenings, skies with oranges and greys, moons that are so bright they light your way at night.

I'm sharing some pics taken on a walk last weekend in our town. My Seashore Sister and I had breakfast in the town center along with her puppy, then visited our town green which has a unique display of scarecrows, sponsored by the Branford Garden Club, and the scarecrows were created by our own local shops and organizations.

Starting off with the scarecrows on our town green, and they are so creative!

Coco (the puppy) barked at this one. Guess she found it rather scary as we did! I think she thought it was a real person, and one that seemed threatening. Reminded me of a zombie!

 I love this one with the bride and groom!
This one is great!
The Cat Lady. She has cats and kittens on her lap, by her side, and in her tote bag. How cute!!
Love the "pumpkin puppy." So adorable!
I think it was my angle for this photo, but here she looks rather like a haunting bride. She really is beautiful standing at the altar awaiting her groom.
 The detail in this one with the make up. Wow!
She's a beauty!
Cutest ever! Who wouldn't want leaves in their hair?
 Total Diva!
I'll be posting more pics from our Halloween in New England walk. Our historic cemetery, old schoolhouse and beautiful fall trees trussed up in the colors of Autumn. 
We just love our town!