Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Throwback Thursday! Do You Remember Jiffy Pop?

Throwback Thursday posts are a time to share nostalgia, a chance to look back on the past, and maybe nudge your memory, courtesy of Do You Remember. We post every Thursday and as often as possible, include prizes, contests or giveaways.

This Thursday's post includes a chance to win Jiffy Pop!  Do You Remember Jiffy Pop? We're not stopping there though! To go along with the Jiffy Pop Popcorn, we're including popcorn boxes, movie theater candy, and you're going to the movies! Winner's choice of one $25.00 gift card for AMC theaters, Fandango, Regal Cinemas, or to in case you want to buy a movie to watch at home.

To enter, tell us your favorite movie treat or your favorite movie or the movie you most want to see next. Just post here and email us at In the event of multiple entries, we will randomly draw the winner. One winner!

Winner to be announced on Saturday, May 23rd after 12 noon EST. Shipping to U.S. only.

I miss the aluminum tray Jiffy Pop. I miss the ferocity by which we had to shake the tray over the flame or burner to prevent it from burning (which it usually did despite our best efforts). I miss watching the thin, flattened foil twist and expand when the corn began to pop inside, until it became a shiny silver balloon before being poked to release an explosion of smell and a foot-tall mountain of steaming hot, crunchy-good yellowness, which shortly after being sprinkled with generous amounts of salt and sometimes butter, was gone within minutes.
Hope you enter and have fun! 

Tracy, Jade and Kelly won!