Monday, May 25, 2015

Meet Lani Lazzari from Simple Sugars

Simple Sugars began in December of 2005, when my mom decided that we would have a homemade Christmas and insisted that my brothers and I make the holiday gifts that we wanted to give to family and friends.

Since I was a baby I have had very sensitive skin and have been prone to eczema breakouts. I have never been able to use a commercially produced product without experiencing skin irritation or a major rash. So, I decided to make an all-natural product that would be safe for very sensitive skin like mine, would be fun to use and smell great too. I did lots of research, came up with my formulation, gave my scrubs out to family and friends, all of whom clamored for more and Simple Sugars was born!

Simple Sugars has grown a lot since then and so has my passion for all-natural skin care. I like to tell people, “If you wouldn't eat it, then you probably have no business putting it on your skin!”

In March of 2013, I appeared on ABC's hit show "Shark Tank" and got an investment from billionaire Mark Cuban. Since then Simple Sugars has been growing extremely quickly. We sell internationally online and in over 700 retail locations and employ a team of 22 people. All of our products are still handmade at our production facility in Pittsburgh, PA. 

My mission is simple (no pun intended!):

To make the best all-natural, scrubs out of the highest quality ingredients.
To provide my customers with the best service available.
To renew, reuse and recycle because we only have one Earth.
And above all: To keep things simple! I hope that you enjoy my products.

Stay Smooth! - Lani


What would you be doing if not Simple Sugars? 

If I didn't own Simple Sugar Scrubs I would be a: Professional foodie Go-to 

Coffee order? 

Grande nonfat iced caramel macchiato 

Favorite holiday? 

Christmas, because if I make it to the 25th then I’ve survived all of the insanity of the holiday season leading up to it! 

 If you could have lunch with any woman, who would it be and what would you order?

I would have lunch with Hillary Clinton, and I would order grilled cheese, because you can never go wrong with a grilled cheese. 

My perfect day off would be spent: 

Relaxing! I would probably start off with a massage, spend some time reading, and then bake/cook something really delicious.

Find Lani and Simple Sugars on Facebook: Simple Sugars Facebook, on her website: Simple Sugars and watch her success story on Shark Tank: Simple Sugars Shark Tank