Friday, September 5, 2014

Ghostline - Interview with Actor Zack Gold

An interview with lead actor Zack Gold, from the movie Ghostline by Dean Whitney:

How old were you when you started acting? And where and how did you start?
Zack: I was young, doing community theater outside of San Francisco. My mom was a wonderful actress and was playing the witch in Snow White and I got cast in a small ensemble role. 

How is your role in Ghostline different from others that you have previously played?
Zack: I think Tyler is closer to my real-me than most characters I play. He's an actor (haha), he's making sacrifices for being an artist, he's a young man settling down in a home with woman he loves. All of which are easy things to connect to in my immediate life :) 

What is your process for acting? Are you a method actor like Daniel Day-Lewis and Meryl Streep, assume a role from the moment you step onto the set the first time, and never leave the role until the film wraps? Or do you prepare or research your roles or characters?
Zack: I'm pretty free with my work. Depending on the role and situations I take different approaches. Generally, I am pretty happy to step into my character during camera rehearsal and stay focused throughout the takes of the scene, but once we have shot a scene out, I allow myself to fall back into regular Zack. I have the most fun on shoots when I can allow myself to do that. I think that Method is great for some people, but it's almost become deemed as "better" or "more professional" in a lot of circles and I totally disagree. I think as long as an actor can connect to the emotions and intentions driving their character in the scene...who cares how they get there?!

Who are your favorite actors, who inspires you, and why?
Zack: Look, acting is such a difficult profession to succeed in that I'm inspired by almost anyone working consistently. I love Ethan Hawke for his honesty. If you watch any of the Linklater films he's in...the dude can just tell a story with the movement of his eye. On the other hand, I'm really into comedy and appreciate any actor who can do great character work or has spot on comedic timing like Paul Rudd or Owen Wilson. I'd even go as far as saying Katy Perry is a great character actress and that I appreciate Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart for their timing ability. 

What would be your dream role or what would you like to accomplish as an actor?
Zack: My dream is wake up at like 85 years old and realize that I've made a career as a professional actor in film and TV (or whatever tv becomes...) and marvel at all the talented people I have worked with. I'm a huge football fan too, so maybe getting the opportunity to play someone like Joe Namath in a drama bio-pic would be pretty awesome.  

Any advice for aspiring actors?
Zack: Follow new trends. If you buy any book on how to make it in LA or NY that's published before 2008 you are probably doing yourself a disservice. So much is changing in the digital world that actors have more opportunities now than ever to showcase their work. They just have to be smart, creative and driven to find the right paths. 

A fun fact about you that you’d be willing to share?
Zack: I was recently named Godfather to my best friends baby son, Elliott! Looking forward to teaching him about good film as he grows up! Oh... and I'm getting married in November.. it's a good year!

Thank you Zack! Looking forward to the release of Ghostline! See the entire cast and crew here on IMDb!