Thursday, August 27, 2015

Throwback Thursday! Do You Remember Dr. Seuss? Baby Love!

Throwback Thursday posts are a time to share nostalgia, a chance to look back on the past, and maybe nudge your memory, courtesy of Do You Remember. We post almost every Thursday and as often as possible, include prizes, contests or giveaways.

Do You Remember Dr. Seuss? He taught us to count different colors of fish and told us to eat a really weird dish.

This one is for the parents and parents-to-be, for your children or for yourself.  Baby Love!

Easy to enter! Take the Baby quiz. Name one Song with Baby in the title and one Movie with Baby in the title.  Optional but extra points if you do - Share your favorite Baby, Toddler, Child, Teen or Parenting tip, advice, funny story, recipe - anything at all! Enter by posting here and/or email

Part One: The Baby Quiz! (Multiple Choice)

01. Who was the original Gerber baby?
A. Shirley Temple

B. Ann Turner
C. Elizabeth Taylor

02. What color was used for boys in 1900's?
A. Blue
B. Pink
C. Yellow

03. How heavy was the heaviest baby ever born?
A. 15 pounds 5 ounces
B. 30 pounds
C. 21 pounds 4 ounces
D. 23 pounds 12 ounces
E. 17 pounds 2 ounces
F. 26 pounds 1 ounce

04. What is the greatest amount of children born to one woman?
A. 20
B. 42
C. 69

05. What is the first sense a baby develops?
A. hearing
B. taste
C. smell
D. touch

06. What is the average time it takes a man to change a diaper?
A. 30 seconds flat!
B. 3 minutes
C. 2 minutes 5 seconds
D. 1 minute 36 seconds

07. What are the 3 careers of the men in "3 Men and a Baby?"
A. Waiter, Actor, Mortgage Broker
B. Actor, Architect, Songwriter
C. Architect, Cartoonist, Actor
D. Cartoonist, Actor, Salesman

08. Babies are born without which body part?
A. Kneecaps
B. Elbows
C. Tailbone
D. Shoulder blades

09. Which of the following celebrities named their baby Phinnaeus?
A. Angelina Jolie
B. Julia Roberts
C. Courtney Cox
D. Barbra Walters

10. What percentage of babies actually arrive on their due date?
A. 80-81%
B. 24-25%
C. 3-4%

Part Two: Name a Song and Name a Movie that have "Baby" in the title (You can't use Baby Love by the Supremes though since I shared that one.)

Part Three: This is Optional -  Share your favorite Baby, Toddler, Child, Teen or Parenting tip, advice, funny story, favorite memory, a recipe - anything you want to share.

The Prizes:

Barnes & NobleDr. Seuss's Beginner Book Collection includes The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, and Fox in Socks and a $50 gift card

Sephora $100 gift card

OshKosh B'gosh, and/or Carter's $100 gift card (can be used for either one)

 Babies "R" Us $100 gift card

American Girl - doll of your choice from their website and includes the Book and the Doll's Accessories, plus the Book Series Completion Pack

LEGO - $75 gift card

Bundled Gift Prize of Parents Magazine - one year subscription, plus an Amazon $50 gift card and a Target $50 gift card (gift cards courtesy of Gerber) 

Ralph Lauren - $100 gift card

JCPenney - $75 gift card

Starbucks -  $50 gift card and any one of your choice of either a 32 count Kcups pack, or one pound ground or one pound whole bean coffee

Winners will be chosen on Saturday, September 26th at 4 PM EST. Enter by 3 PM EST!
Again, post here and/or email us at to enter.


Good luck and just have fun!