Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bongiovi Brand Sauces Reviews

Bongiovi Brand Sauce

is a household name made famous
by the eldest, musician son of
John Bongiovi, Sr.
In recent years while feeding everyone from friends and neighbors to celebrities and the occasional world leader, there was one thing we heard over and over again, “you need to bottle this sauce,” as if there was something magical about it. Maybe it was the aroma of sauteed garlic and onions in the air while the large pot simmered...Maybe it was simply the idea of a big bowl of pasta that brought us all together. Well, after years of encouragement, “Mr. B” has agreed to produce his family’s classic pasta sauces with the caveat that a portion of the proceeds be donated to charity.
Bongiovi Brand® was created to help support the
whose mission is to combat issues that force families and individuals into economic despair.
We invite you to join us in our fight against hunger and homelessness, and support the foundation to provide safe and affordable housing options in the communities in which they work. We are committed to rebuilding pride in one’s self and one’s community.
Together we can make
a difference...
One Soul at a time

We have a group of taste testers! I'll be adding their reviews to my post and updating as I receive them.
From Jennifer Gray
I’ve tried just about every store bought spaghetti sauce - always looking for a better one. I felt the Bongiovi Garden Vegetable sauce was thick and Flavorful.
I liked the fresh taste and the relatively low sodium. I ate it with angel hair pasta and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese on top. It was wonderful.
My husband ate it with fried mozzarella cheese and said it was excellent on top of that also. I highly recommend this pasta sauce.

From LR:
 I was really looking forward to testing this spicy Arribbiata sauce as I am a pasta sauce aficionado!  I am not Italian at all but love all sorts of Italian foods.  This sauce did not disappoint me in regards to flavor.  It had just the right "bite" to it.  Generally, I will add spices to any and all jarred sauces but for the sake of a legitimate taste test, i did not add anything except some ground beef.  And, to my delight I found that this jarred sauce was not lacking in flavor at all.However, I did find the sauce to be thin and almost oily.  I am sure it was not due to the addition of my ground beef as I drained the beef thoroughly after browning it and prior to adding it to the sauce.
        I would recommend this sauce for it's delicious spicy flavor, but I suggest you thicken it with some tomato paste or crushed tomatoes to give it a heartier consistency for your pasta.

From me - Seashore Sister Constance Costa:
 I really like minimal sauce on pasta, and I tried the Marinara on ziti, and added parmesan cheese.  I thought it tasted fresh, chunky tomatoes and basil were the flavors that struck my palette. I do not like heavy, thick sauce personally, so this was to my liking. I love Newman's Own, but this could find it's way on my shelf too. Because these days, if I'm not making my own sauce, I'd rather buy from those who give back.