Sunday, July 7, 2013

Women's Wedding Favors

Organza bags with mini-sized women's products including perfume, nail polish and lip glosses will be placed in a pretty tub for women to do "touch ups" at the wedding. These are a few of them but there will be a variety. Aren't they wonderful?

Sparkle Lip Gloss

Juicy Type Fragrance

FANTASY Nail Polish

Pretty Glitter Star Soaps with body safe glitter in yellow translucent in sunflower scent, white in sunshine state scent which has loads of orange scents and blue translucent in lemongrass herb scent. Personal soaps for the ladies!

Pocket mirrors in customized designs: celestial, planets, stars and moon fairies. No waiting in line for a restroom mirror. The women will have their own personal sized mirrors to use throughout the evening.

This beautiful, personalized metal tub will hold the favor bags for women, in white and silver/gray. It has a lovely ruffled edge and is just gorgeous!